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Pontiac Center Caps


Grand Am

Our Replica Center Caps replace basic Pontiac center caps for OEM wheels. Enhance and renew the appearance and value of your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of replacement OEM center caps.
Our Replica Center Caps are exact copies but with No brand or logo.

Round Flat Chrome Pontiac Center Caps
Come in Different diameters
Measure carefully!

Round Flat Chevrolet Chrome Center Caps

Round Chrome Pontiac Center Caps

2-11/32" diameter  Click for Model C550177c Details
Fits Pontiac G6  GTO  Solstice  Torrent

2-5/8" diameter  Click for Model C550227c Details
Fits Pontiac Bonneville  G6

3-1/8" diameter   Click for Model C550262c Details
Fits Pontiac G5

Prices include set of 4 Center Caps with Free Shipping*
Pontiac Grand Am Center Caps
Click for Model C6553 Details
$74.50 per set of 4
Silver 5-lug Center Caps
Fits Pontiac Grand Am 02-05
Pontiac Firebird Center Caps
Click for Model CKT262 Details
$54.50 per set of 4
Black ABS Center Caps
Fits Pontiac Firebird 84-92

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Note: Unlike Hubcaps, which are interchangeable and fit any standard wheel, Center Caps are specific to make, model, and wheel of specific vehicles. They all have different mounting systems, and they are NOT interchangeable. There are no "Universal Fit" center caps.  We do not carry any Center Caps for aftermarket wheels.

Since our Replica Center Caps are copies, they do not show the OEM logo. Logos are the legal trademark of the manufacturer, as such it would be Trademark infringement to include them on Replica Center Caps.

You can buy a whole set of new replica Center Caps for less than the cost of ONE replacement OEM Center Cap. Call for prices on singles or pairs.  Our center caps are made of durable, thick, high-impact ABS polymer, specially engineered to hold up under the heat generated by your brakes and wheels. They give your vehicle a sharp OEM appearance for many years.

Center Caps are small hubcaps that cover the wheel center and lug nuts. Older hemispherical center caps models were known as dog dish or moon caps. Replace your lost or damaged  center caps with our Replicas that look just like OEM originals. These center caps are easy to install, and have the same look and fit as your car’s original center caps. On the road, no one will notice the difference.

Many auto dealers, mechanics, and enthusiasts across the USA certify to the quality of AutoAmenity products and services. Our competent advisors are ready to assist you in choosing the best style and quality Center Caps for your vehicle.