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GI-88 Ford F150 04-08 Honeycomb Style Chrome Grill Inserts

GI-88 Ford F150 Chrome Grill Inserts Installed

Please read this entire page before ordering, Call with Questions!

Model GI-88 Honeycomb Style Grill Insert $122.50

Ford F150 Chrome ABS Grill Insert Kit, lower bumper section not available
Fits 04-08 Ford F150  XLT, Lariat with Honeycomb grill shown below
If you have an 04-08 base model F150, see our GI-18
Engineered to fit precisely over your stock Ford F150 honeycomb grill
Easy snap-in installation without tools,

Position and press into place.

Finally, pull on the grill pieces in the areas where the clips are located to be sure they are all grabbing.
Some customers tell us they spray paint the OEM honeycomb grill flat black to make it disappear behind the insert.
Read Grills 101: Grills & installation

See Chrome Grill & Trim Installation Video Below

Prices include Ford F150 Chrome Grill Insert (single piece)
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.

The GI-88 fits 04-08 F150 grills with 10 rows of Honeycomb cells as shown below.
If your 99-03 F150 has 8-1/2 rows of Honeycomb cells, see our GI-08
The picture below shows the OEM F150 honeycomb grill BEFORE GI-88 Chrome Grill insert

Your 04-08 F150 grill must look like this for the GI-88 to fit.

Ford F150 honeycomb grill

Note: Some F150s have the chrome grill "Surround" as shown in the picture above, some have a black plastic surround, some have a painted surround. Our GI-88 Grill insert goes inside of the surround.
We do not have a chrome surround available to replace yours if it is not chrome.

Picture below shows the GI-88 Grill Insert by itself. Note your OEM Ford Logo shows through the center oval hole.
GI-88 Ford F150 Chrome Grill Insert itself

Constructed of high-impact  triple-chrome plated ABS polymer,
our grill inserts give your vehicle a sharp chrome appearance for many years.
Unlike the "Billet Aluminum" products which need regular polishing to retain their shine,
these Chrome ABS products stay bright for years. 

This picture shows what the retainer clips look like.
Position and press into place.
Chrome Ford F150 Grill Inserts Clips

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Ford F150 Chrome Grill Installation Video

GI-88 Chrome Grill Insert installed on a Ford F150 Hi, Phil finally got the (GI-88) truck grill installed, looks awesome. Thanks for the great service.
Gordon T, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Canada.
Phil, Got my parts today (GI-16 and Tail Gate Bar for Grand Cherokee), installed them and they look great! Thanks for your help in expediting my order. Sandy G, Burlington, NC

Phil: The chrome grill for Linda's PT Cruiser (GI-03) came today. It fit perfectly and looks great. Thanks for your care and concern in this matter. I hope to be able to buy one for our friend soon, so I kept you on my email list.  Gary A, Winter Park FL

Hi Phil: Just to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The Pt Cruiser Grill (GI-03) arrived today, 6th October 04. Just thought you would like to see them on our car and have attached before / after photos.  William S, Sprowston, Norfolk, Britain

Dear Phil: Yes, I receive all the (68102 chrome trim) accessories that I ordered. I have already install everything on the truck it was a big change in the appearance of the the truck itself. It was nice during business with you and I probably be giving you a call next week to get the chrome light covers because that's the only thing that missing. You have a happy easter and I will be hearing from you soon. Thanks, Cardell H, USS Frank Cable

Phil, Thanx for the (68114B) Colorado door handles and tail gate, they went on so much easier than the others that I had on it.! They look great also! So do you have the chrome trim for the mirrors yet!? Steven S, Ellabell GA

Phil, Thanks for the prompt reply. Since I happened to discover your web site during my internet search, I will be using your company as my first choice when checking for after-market accessories. Your site is very professional, has lots of product, provides lots of helpful information, and your prompt response to my inquiry earned my trust. I'll keep checking back with you. Sincerely, Gary G, Houston, TX