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Polished Stainless Fender - Wheel Well Trim

Give your vehicle a sleek, high-end look!








Range Rover












Suzuki XL7



Mini Cooper




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Ply Voyager


Long Style Chrome Stainless Fender TrimShort Style Chrome Stainless Fender Trim
Picture At Left Shows Long Style; Picture at Right Shows Short Style. Fender Trim may vary with vehicle geometry.

Polished Stainless Fender Trim

Peel-and-Stick or Clip / Screw installation: Instructions at bottom of page.

High Quality Polished T304 Alloy Stainless Steel, Stamped with beveled (rounded) edges
Perfect Match for the other chrome on your vehicle
Prices include Set of Polished Stainless Fender Trim
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states. For shipping outside the 48 states, please email.

Need More Chrome?

Polished Stainless Pillar Post Covers      Chrome Grill Inserts

Stainless Fender Trim Drill / Screw or Clip installation:

 Polished Stainless Wheel Well Fender trim covers installation directions

Stainless Fender Trim and Pillar Post Peel-and-Stick installation:

The picture below shows an example polished stainless Pillar Post cover set
Fender Trim has the same 3M Peel and Stick Automotive Tape
Chrome Polished Stainless WHeel Well Fender trim and Pillar Post covers

Read the full Installation Instructions Below!


Each piece has white plastic protective film covering the polished outer side, and 3M tape covering the entire back side.

In the picture, 2 pieces have the protective film peeled back, and 2 other pieces show the 3M automotive tape covering the entire back side.


Dry-fit ALL pieces before peeling off either protective film (white or red) from ANY one piece.


Practice your hand position a couple of times to establish the best way you should hold and stabilize each piece. Once you peel the red 3M film off, CAREFULLY position the piece.


Once the 3M tape touches down, you are committed!!


Don't peel off the white protective film until after you have pressed the piece firmly into place.

Transform your standard dull factory look with attention-grabbing chrome from your grill to your tail lights. Make your car, truck or SUV stand out in a crowd, or add just a touch of “bling” to turn a few heads for a fraction of the cost of chromed metal replacements.
OOur high grade Polished Stainless trim accessories are custom-engineered for a perfect fit, to dramatically enhance your plain, pitted original plastic or painted accessories.
Installation is as simple as Clean, Peel, Position and Press. No measuring, cutting or drilling needed.
Our chrome trim accessories have a lifetime warrantee against defects and use high quality 3M automotive tape, so they will never fall off, and weather the elements better than ‘real chrome.’ They will not corrode, pit, or rust.

Simple Installation:      Clean the surface with alcohol, Peel the film off the pre-applied tape, Position CAREFULLY, and press on.


Chrome Trim Accessory Installation Detail:

Our Chrome Trim Items utilize 3M Automotive Attachment Tape, and are best installed at temperatures warmer than 65 degrees.

This process is not difficult, but it does require your full attention. Best accomplished on a warm dry day with no child distractions.

We recommend Dry-Fitting ALL of your chrome trim accessory pieces to ALL of their specific locations BEFORE Peeling ANY of the wax papers off the tape. Make sure all the pieces are correct, i.e, you have received both right and left sides, with and without keyholes or keypads, etc, and that all are undamaged. Chrome pieces should fit PERFECTLY. There should be no rocking (curvature mismatch) or space underneath. If any pieces are not perfect, or you have rocking from mis-matched curves, CALL US!
Note that once the wax paper is peeled, we cannot give credit for return.

Dry Fitting is also good practice lining up each piece and guiding it into place. Repeat this practice positioning with each piece a couple of times, visualizing how you will finally do it when the waxed strips are removed and the tape is STICKY.

THOROUGH CLEANING removes oily or waxy residues so the 3M Peel-and-stick adhesive can bond securely. Avoid using colored cloth rags for this purpose, as dyes in the fabric may leave colored residue behind.

We do not recommend using packaged alcohol towelettes because they may contain antimicrobial agents such as Benzalkonium Chloride, skin lotion, conditioners, or other additives which could leave residues that may prevent proper adhesion of the 3M tape.

If you use packaged towelettes for one cleaning step, you should follow that by another cleaning with clean disposable toweling and alcohol or 3M cleaner. Do not re-use towels from one cleaning step to the next, since they may re-distribute residues you are trying to get rid of.

Some common automotive products, such as silicone-based waxes or surface conditioners such as Armor-All or Tire Shine. may be  more difficult to remove completely. If such products have been applied to the surface any time in the past, it may require 4 or more repeats of cleaning with new clean cloth and alcohol or 3M solvent to completely remove. If you have any doubt of cleanliness of the surface, test with a small piece of masking tape to different area’s that have been cleaned. (Use a new piece of masking tape for each area tested.)

If the masking tape peels off without much resistance, repeat cleaning steps until the masking tape sticks aggressively.

We have found that 3M tape adheres better to painted surfaces than plastic ones. This is due to the inherent smoothness of the paint, where the plastic usually has a fine textured surface that tends to hold onto wax residues and may need more thorough cleaning.

Peel off the wax papers, position, and carefully press into place.
After your chrome trim accessory items have been fitted and pressed to the vehicle surface, rub each piece firmly with a soft cloth to help ensure that it is seated securely. You may want to come back a few hours later, or the next day, to give each piece of chrome trim another pressure rub to ensure the best adhesion.

Allow the molding adhesive to set up for at least 24 hours before washing your vehicle. Maximum adhesion is reached after 3-5 days in temperatures above 70 degrees, longer if it is cooler. Once the adhesive has fully bonded to a properly prepared surface, it is nearly impossible to remove the item without damaging it. As an example, customers have reported backing out of their garage and catching only the edge of a chrome mirror cover on the door opening, and breaking off the end of the chrome mirror cover without dislodging the rest of it.

3M Automotive Attachment Tape is a .045-inch thick, medium-density white acrylic foam tape with high performance acrylic adhesives on both sides and a red release liner. 3M Automotive Attachment Tape uses automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved acrylic foam core and adhesive technology. It is characterized by high peel and shear adhesion, high internal strength, high conformability and excellent plasticizer resistance. Typical applications would include body side moldings, rocker panel trim, claddings, bumper trim and other automotive trim components. Because it requires no drilling into automotive painted surfaces, 3M Automotive Attachment Tape eliminates the concern for rust development associated with the use of mechanical fasteners. The unique stress relaxation properties of the tape's foam core allow it to expand and contract with temperature changes. Stress forces of an application are dissipated throughout the foam core, providing excellent long-term performance. The viscoelastic properties incorporated into these tapes allow it to conform to surface irregularities and gaps, providing a better fit by compensating for some part-to-vehicle mismatch. The use of 3M acrylic foam tapes eliminates the unsightly appearance of bolt, screw or rivet heads associated with mechanical fasteners. Surfaces remain clean and smooth, contributing to styling and aerodynamic design. The use of acrylic foam tape can eliminate steps in the installation process, often requiring fewer parts and less labor time.

We have listed on this website all of the product items that our supplier currently stocks, but more may be added at any time.  If you do not see what you need for your make/model/year, email us and we will see if or when they may be available./p>