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Determining Bolt Circle or Pattern                               

Measuring your Bolt Circle:
How to measure your Bolt Circle


If you have a hub in the way of your ruler, you can take a piece of cardboard and cut a notch to go around the hub, then mark the stud position so you can then measure easily.

How to measure your Bolt Circle: Use a piece of CardboardHow to measure your Bolt Circle: Use a piece of Cardboard


To find bolt patterns for specific vehicles visit this web site:   BoltPattern.Net

Some Common 5- Bolt Patterns:

There are MANY variations!!


Classic Ford (Car) Pattern         5 on 4-1/2  AKA   5 x 114.3mm

AMC Gremlin, Hornet, Pacer, Javelin, Matador, AMX

AMC - most models (exc. Jeep) '40-'89

Chrysler/DeSoto - all full size RWD cars (exc. Imperial) '37-'89

Dodge van (to 1985)

Dodge 1/2 ton PU (2WD to 1985)

Dodge - all full size cars & P.U.'s '37-'89 - Dart, Demon, Swinger '73-'80

Ford 1/2 ton van (1960s-era Econoline and 1968-74 E100s) Ford Granada, Monarch Ford - All full size cars '49-'72; '79-'85 - Fairlane '62-'79 - T-Bird '55-'71; '77-'79 - Mustang (5-bolt) '65-'73 - Maverick 5-bolt all - Mustang SVO '85-'86 - Ranchero '68-'84 - Aerostar, Probe, Bronco II/Ranger to '89

Honda Accord FWD (mid-90s - present)

Lexus RWD

Lincoln - all '70-'72; '80-'89

Mercury - all full size cars '52-'54; '61-'72; '79-'85 - Cougar '67-'79

Mopar '73-up "A" body

Plymouth - all full size cars '37-'89 - Barracuda '70-'74 - Duster, Valiant, Volare '73-'80

Toyota 2WD pickup truck (Hilux, Tacoma) Toyota Camry 92-present


Other Ford Pattern  5 on 4.25  AKA  5 x 108mm

Some Ford Mustang, T-Bird, Taurus


Ford Truck Pattern    5 on 5-1/2  AKA  5 x 139.5mm

Ford F100/F150 late 1940s-1996; some F100s c. early 1980s have the 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern

Dodge Ram 2WD pickup/van 150/1500 1986 - present

Jeep CJ to 1986 (includes J-series 1/2 pickups to 1973)

International Harvester 1/2 ton pickups incl. Scout SUV to 1980

pre-1960s era Mopars

Lincoln RWD to 1960

Toyota Landcruiser early 2000s

Classic Chevy Pattern    5 on 4-3/4  AKA  5 x 120.65mm

Buick - Regal, Century, Special (most mid-size) '64-'80's

Chevrolet - all (exc as noted elsewhere) '49-'89 Corvette all Corvair '65-'69 5-bolt

GM compact and midsize

Oldsmobile - 442, Cutlass, F-85, Toronado (most mid-size) '60's-'80's

Pontiac - GTO, LeMans, Firebird, Grand Prix (mid size) '64-'80's


Other Chevy Pattern    5 on 4"  AKA  5 x 100mm

Chevy Cavalier, Celebrity, Citation, Cobalt Corsica



Chevy HHR Malibu Pattern     5 lug x 110mm


Other Chevy Pattern    5 on 4-1/4"  AKA  5 x 115mm

Chevy Equinox Impala Lumina Monte Carlo