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In order to receive credit or refund, returned items must meet the following conditions:

If not met, your refund will be reduced in proportion to the damage.

  • Are in the original packaging, new, clean, saleable condition
  • Have not been installed, used, modified, damaged, or scratched in any way

  • We have produced this page on proper Packing because too many people return items scratched because they don't get it right.

    Paint and chrome are easily scratched by the steel mounting clips, especially when boxes are then stacked at the bottom in UPS or Fedex Trucks and go bumping down the road.

    Please call us if you have any question on how to pack them right.

    Packing and shipping returned Hubcaps:

    If you do not get them back to us in NEW, SALEABLE Condition, We cannot give you credit!!

    Pack return items carefully, Exactly the way they were when you received them. Use the protective packing they came with.

    Be sure to replace the foam or cardboard sheets between wheel covers so they do not rub each other. If there is a single plastic bag, be sure the hubcap whose face is against the cardboard box has a plastic bag around it so the cardboard does not scuff the finish. If there is no plastic bag, the hubcaps are face to face with foam sheeting between, and the clip sides are together in the middle of the box.
    If the shipping box was damaged, place the whole box into a larger box to ship back to us. We have found that boxes that start out beat-up looking get much worse abuse.

    These instructions apply to hubcaps that are shipped to you with the spring retention rings loose in the box.

    This picture below shows how they come to you:  

    Two pairs, Back-to-Back, with the sharp steel clips touching the back sides,

    The rings are all at one end of the stack, with a sheet of foam between them and the face of the hubcap.

    Also there must be a sheet of foam in the middle, between the two that are Face-to-Face.

    Hubcaps Stacked Back to Back

  • This picture below shows the WRONG Way to pack them for Return:

    All 4 Hubcaps facing the same way, Front-to Back:  

    This customer did put the foam sheets in between (some people have not) BUT they are stacked so the sharp metal clips are against the painted side of the next one.  The next picture below this shows the result: scratches.

    Hubcaps Stacked Wrong   Back to Front


    We cannot give credit for these scratched hubcaps

    Hubcaps Scratched because Stacked Wrong   Back to Front