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Toyota Rav4 Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps

Prices include set of 4 Wheelskins with Free Shipping*
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stock Toyota Rav4 styled alloy wheel, no chrome wheelskin
Transform Toyota Rav4
styled steel wheels (above)
into expensive-looking
chrome wheels (right)

PR-7976  Impostor Toyota Rav4 Chrome Hubcaps Wheel covers Wheelskins
17", $99.50 per set of 4
PR-7976 Details
Toyota Rav4 Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps
Fits 13-15 Toyota Rav4
New stock Toyota Rav4 styled steel wheel, no chrome wheelskin
Transform Toyota Rav4
styled steel wheels (above)
into expensive-looking
chrome wheels (right)

IMP-73x Impostor Toyota Rav4 Chrome Hubcaps Wheel covers Wheelskins
17", $82.50 per set of 4
IMP-73X Details
Toyota Rav4 Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps
Fits 2006 - 2012 Toyota Rav4
stock Toyota Rav4 styled steel wheel without Chrome Wheelskin Hubcaps
Transform Toyota Rav4
styled steel wheels (above)
into expensive-looking
chrome wheels (right)
IMP-42X Toyota Rav4 Chrome Hubcaps Wheel covers Wheelskins
16"  $77.50 per set of 4
Click for Model IMP-42X Details
Toyota Rav4 Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps
01-06 Rav4


If you have  Rav4 with Silver 5-spoke Hubcaps shown below, We have Chrome Hubcaps for you!

504c Toyota Rav4 Chrome Wheel Covers / Hubcaps504s Toyota Rav4 Silver Wheel Covers / Hubcaps
17"  $72.50-81.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 504 Details
- Toyota Rav4 Chrome or Silver Hubcaps
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Toyota Tundra with IMP-77 Wheelskins Phil, Thought you might appreciate the pictures of my Rav4 (IMP-42x Wheelskins) that I forward to friends and family. The before and after shots were pretty dramatic. Feel free to use the photos. Regards, Richard H Windham, NH
Dear Phil@AutoAmenity...Just wanted to say "thanks" for the speedy delivery and great service. The (IMP-42x) hubcaps look great, I was really impressed with how good they looked when I took them out of the box. Even my dad who is always fixing up cars & trucks was impressed!! I will definitely recommend your website to anyone I know looking for rims/hub caps!! Thanks, Lynne E, Lynn MA

Just received my (IMP-42x) wheel skins they are fantastic. Thank you very much for excellent service. Web site was great made the order process a breeze. Will recommend your company to my friends here at work. I installed them in just about 10 minutes and they look great. I have a set of real chrome wheels on the car next to the Rav4 that I installed the wheel skin on and you can hardly tell the difference. Thanks for offering a great product at a reasonable price. Looking forward to buying another set for my other cars. Michael K Scottsdale, AZ

Wheelskins enhance the appearance and value of your Toyota Rav4 at a fraction of the cost of replacement chrome or steel wheels.

Check our pictures to ensure that your wheels match the Wheelskins exactly. Count the lugs, the spokes, and the holes or slots, and make sure they are exactly the same in every detail. Wheelskins are engineered to fit perfectly on the rims they are designed for, but they are NOT interchangeable with other styled wheels even if they "look pretty close." Call or email if you have any questions xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Everyone loves the sparkle of chrome on their vehicles. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of real chrome plated wheels, whether alloy or steel, is their tendency to corrode when exposed to winter salt driving conditions, or even to coastal salt air. Hence the fine print warrantee warning of chrome wheel manufacturers: “Do not drive chrome wheels in snow!” and “Salt can deteriorate and corrode your chrome.”

What's the story with Hubcaps versus Wheelskins?
Wheelskins are the best kept secret in the automotive wheel fashion industry. When installed, you can only tell the difference between Wheelskins and real chrome rims if you know what to look for. Thousands of sets of Wheelskins are sold to auto dealers, who mount them on new and used vehicles for sale on their lots. Their customers are very happy they have purchased their vehicles with 'chrome wheels' at a bargain price.

Hubcaps ('wheel covers' is an equivalent term) dress up standard steel wheels. Hubcaps are completely interchangeable, any style of the proper size will fit any standard steel wheel. But hubcaps do not fit Styled wheels. Styled Wheels do not have the recess around the bead that standard hubcap legs mount into, so standard hubcaps can NOT fit any styled wheel. Therefore...

"Wheelskins" were invented in the 1990s as a great way to put brilliant chrome covers on styled wheels. Precision molds were designed to produce wheel covers that perfectly match the geometry of specific styled wheels. They fit like a  second skin, hence their name. Wheelskins mount with steel or plastic clips that grab the rim either at its outer edge or at the base of its spokes.

Impostor™ chrome Wheelskins are a snap to install, and are easy to keep clean: simply wash with regular auto soap and water or take it through a car wash to maintain their new appearance. Wax the same as your car.

Wheelskins are constructed of high-impact, corrosion resistant, triple-chrome plated ABS polymer to give your vehicle a sharp appearance for many years. ABS has the attributes of rigidity, strength, and high resistance to salt, chemicals, heat, cold, and impact. A major advantage to this material is that when it gets scratched, it does not degrade further with time and exposure to these factors.  So five years hence, the scratch will look the same as it did the first day.  Whereas chromed metal, either steel or alloy, will react with oxygen and salt, and will rust, pit, scale, or flake after it has been scratched. There are several manufacturers of Wheelskins, the two best known are the Impostors™ brand and the Wheelskins brand. There is only one model of Wheelskin that matches each specific styled wheel, and that wheelskin does not fit any other wheel.Auto enthusiasts and dealers across the US certify to the quality of AutoAmenity hubcaps products and services. We are the best source of quality, durable, and reliable new wheel cover products on the internet. Our competent advisors will assist you to choose the best style of wheel cover product for your vehicle. We take pride in having your items shipped in the shortest possible time. Check out what our customers say on our Testimonials page.

Note: Impostor™ chrome Wheelskins do not show the manufacturer’s logo. Logos are the legal trademark of the manufacturer, as such it would be Trademark infringement to include them on an aftermarket product.