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How to Install Hubcap Retention Rings on Hubcaps with Metal Clips


Sometimes the retention rings are not installed at the factory, and you need to install them onto your hubcaps.

This is not difficult, and you could probably figure out how to do it yourself, but we provide these directions so you can see how easy it is.


Hubcap with Spring Retention ring installed, ready to push on to your wheels. Note that the bent section of the Ring is aligned with the Valve Notch of the hubcap.

Hubcap with Spring Retention Ring Installed and ready to mount


If you need to install the retention ring to the hubcap, it goes between the inner edge of the hubcap clip socket and the Back Side of the metal clips, pushing outwards.

Spring Retention Ring goes between the inner edge of the hubcap clip socket and the back side of the metal clips


Place the hubcap face down on a non-scratching solid flat surface or table. You can use one of the white foam separator sheets that came in the box, to keep from scratching the paint or chrome on a concrete floor. Line up the Ring bend with Hubcap valve Stem notch, then push the wire ring under the first couple of metal clips on either side of the notch, keeping the bend aligned with the notch.

Keep Retention Ring bend lined up with Hubcap valve Stem notch


If you keep a finger in the notch while you push the wire under the first couple of clips on either side, it makes it easier to keep the wire lined up with the notch.

Push Spring Retention Ring bend under the clips


After the wire is under 5 or 6 clips, it will usually stay lined up with the notch on its own while you push it under the rest of the   clips.

Push Spring Retention Ring bend under more clips


Sometimes as you get to the last few clips, it may seem like the ring is too big, but keep pushing it under one clip at a time and it will go under all of them. 

The last few clips are a little harder to push the ring under.


The last one is usually a bit harder than the rest. This tension is what pushes out against your wheel to hold the hubcap on securely.

Almost done, one more clip

Finished, and ready to install on your wheels.

Line up Retention Ring bend with Hubcap valve Stem notch



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