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Installing "Push-on" Hubcaps with Retention Rings

Proper installation is easy and should not require significant effort or force. Replica Hubcaps use tension of a spring steel retention ring, pushing the clips out against the steel wheel, to hold its position.


When ordering Hubcaps, Wheel Covers, or Trim Rings, be sure to Read your Tire Size off the tire.

If you measure the wheel, you will find it to measure 1.3 inches larger than the Tire Size.

If you order based on the measured wheel diameter, you will receive the next size larger product, which will not work on your wheels.


Hubcap Removal directions are at the bottom of this page.

Hubcap back side showing valve notch in the retention ring

Notch Holding the hubcap retention ring in position

Most sets of Replicas arrive with the tension ring factory-installed to the hubcap mounting legs, as seen in the top picture. Some sets come with the rings loose, if yours did  Click: Installing Rings in Hubcaps

The retention ring has a bend designed to go around the valve stem. Orient this bent section of the ring with the hubcap's notch for the valve stem, seen here at the red mark.

The tension ring is set into the leg slots. In this second picture the ring is in the upper slot in the far leg, and above the upper slot the near leg, which is indicated by the black arrow on the white paper.

Work your way around the hubcap, setting the metal ring into its slots.  This is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

Some hubcaps have two slots in the mounting legs, as in the picture immediately to the left.  Always start with the ring in the upper slot, as shown here, and test the fit of the hubcap on the wheel.  99% of the time, this is what works best and the hubcap mounts firmly. 

You should not be able to pull off the hubcap using only your bare hands.
If you can pull it without tools, check our tips to Tighten Loose Hubcaps page

Hubcap back side showing metal mounting clips Some hubcaps have metal mounting clips, and the relationship of the retention ring to the clips looks like this. Click: Installing Rings in Hubcaps with Metal Clips

Use Common Sense: If hubcaps with metal clips seem to be very hard to mount, your wheels may be "tighter" than average, and you may need to bend the clips in a bit so the hubcaps will mount without breaking.
Conversely, if they go on too easily, your wheels may be ""looser" than average,
You should not be able to pull off the hubcap using only your bare hands
If you can pull it off with your hands, you may need to bend the metal clips outward so they grab the wheel tighter.
Align the hubcap notch with the valve stem

Locate the Hubcap to its proper position:

Align the valve notch with the valve stem.

Note the position of the lug nuts, the center cap (if any) and the shape of the rim itself.


Other Considerations:
Installing in cold weather: Plastic becomes more brittle as temps drop below freezing, increasing the risk of cracking. We recommend waiting for temperatures above freezing, or put your car in a warm garage and install there.

Apply even pressure on the wheel cover as you push it in

Hold the hubcap parallel to the rim all the way around. 

Apply even pressure with both hands so the hubcap is not tilted away from the rim at any point.

Increase the pressure evenly, side to side, top to bottom, and the retention clips will begin to slide into the rim.

Try not to let the hubcap get too much away from parallel to the wheel as you ease it into place.

If any areas of the steel wheel are rusted, rough, or sticky, you may need to gently punch it in at that point with the heel of your fist. A rubber hammer should not be necessary.

Punch the hubcap in gently

Proper installation results in the outer edge of the hubcap fitting firmly to the wheel all the way around. If it does not seat all around, do not drive with it.  This is a sign of interference by tall lug nuts, hub, or an unusual wheel.

If the hubcap will not fit, do not force it.
Wheel weights are no problem with Replica Hubcaps.


You should not be able to pull off the hubcap using only your bare hands.
If you can pull it without tools, check our tips to Tighten Loose Hubcaps page






944 installation successful! That's it! Not hard at all!
Our installers can put a set of 4 Replica Hubcaps on a car in about 3 minutes.
We think you can do it your first time in about 12!
This particular model is our popular Universal fit 944, and it is also available in chrome.

Paint? Your steel rims may be rusted or discolored. For a professional-looking job, you may want to use some inexpensive spray paint on those areas of the steel wheel that may be seen through the openings of the hubcap.  If you paint the wheels, do it before you install the hubcaps, and give them adequate time to dry.  We have found flat black generally looks the best behind chrome or silver wheel covers, but gray or silver paint may also suit your taste.


While you are installing your new hubcaps, this is a good time to take a moment and check your tires for wear and proper inflation.  Avoid being stuck on the side of the road with a tire problem with a little preventive maintenance. The link below provides good basic information that will help you do it right. Rubber Manufacturer's Association - Tire Maintenance and Safety


Removing Custom-Replica-Universal "Push-on" Hubcaps:

Use a medium to large flat-blade screwdriver, slide it under the edge of the hubcap, and lever gently.  Move to several different positions around the perimeter of the hubcap, levering some at each position until the hubcap begins to slide out toward you.  This action is similar to opening a can of paint.
There is no trick to this, just use common sense and do not force them.  These plastic hubcaps can take a fair amount of bending, but they can break if you push them too far.  Treat them the same as any push-on original equipment OEM hubcap.