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Installing Trim Rings


Proper installation is easy and should not require significant force.


When ordering Trim Rings, be sure to read your Tire Size off the tire.

If you measure the wheel, you will find it to measure 1.3 inches larger than the tire size.

If you order based on the measured wheel diameter, you will receive the next size larger Trim Rings, which will not work on your wheels.


When your Trim Rings arrive, you can check to be sure you have the right size for your wheel.

Turn the ring around and place its face against the steel wheel.

If the Trim Ring is the Same Diameter as the steel wheel, it is the right size.


Trim Rings are designed to mount right over most standard wheel weights.


To install Trim Rings:


Align the valve stem with its notch.


Keeping the Trim Ring fairly parallel to the wheel,

tap around and around the perimeter of the ring with the heel of your hand,

gradually easing the trim ring into the wheel,

until the outer edge of the ring is in contact with the outer edge of your steel wheel all the way around.


Do not set one side in, with the ring tilted at an angle to the wheel, and then try to hammer in the other side, that will not work and may damage the Trim Ring..


Wheels do vary, and on most wheels our Chromed Steel or Polished Stainless Trim Rings go on firmly, and hold well.


Some wheels have tighter tolerances or thicker steel, and the Trim Rings may go on with more difficulty.


Other wheels may be made of thinner steel or to looser tolerance, and the Trim Rings may go on very easily.


If you do not feel the Trim Ring is tight enough, you can remove it with a large screw driver, like any other wheel cover, and bend the mounting clips outward so they will grab the wheel more firmly.


Trim Ring mounting Clips Will scratch the paint on your wheel.

This is normal, and indicates they will hold the ring on the wheel at road speeds.



While you are installing your new trim rings, this is a good time to take a moment and check your tires for wear and proper inflation.  Avoid being stuck on the side of the road with a tire problem with a little preventive maintenance. The link below provides good basic information that will help you do it right. Rubber Manufacturer's Association - Tire Maintenance and Safety


Removing  "Push-on" Trim Rings or Hubcaps:

Use a medium to large flat-blade screwdriver, slide it under the edge of the trim ring or hubcap, and lever gently.  Move to several different positions around the perimeter of the hubcap, levering some at each position until the hubcap begins to slide out toward you.  This action is similar to opening a can of paint.
There is no trick to this, just use common sense and do not force them.  Trim Rings can take a fair amount of bending, but they can kink if you push them too far.  Treat them the about same as any push-on original equipment OEM hubcap.