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The Biggest little trick to mounting any push-on wheel cover products, whether hubcaps, trim rings, full Moons or Baby Moons, is always KEEP THE COVER PARALLEL to the wheel, and tap around the outer edge where the mounting points are, gradually working the cover toward the wheel face, but keeping it parallel. The WORST thing to do is to jam one side all the way in and then try to jam the other side on.


When ordering Hubcaps, Wheel Covers, or Trim Rings, be sure to Read your Tire Size off the tire.

If you measure the wheel, you will find it to measure 1.3 inches larger than the Tire Size.

If you order based on the measured wheel diameter, you will receive the next size larger product, which will not work on your wheels.



    1. Installing Hubcaps: Replica, Universal-Fit Push-on


    2. Installing Hubcap Retention Rings on Hubcaps with Metal Clips


    3. Installing Trim Rings

    4. Installing Wheelskins with Perimeter Rim clips

    5. Installing Wheelskins with Center Clips

    6. Installing Peel-and-Stick Chrome Auto Trim Accessory Products


    7. Installing Peel-and-Stick Auto Molding

    8. Removing Peel-and-Stick Auto Trim or Molding

    9. Fitting Hubcaps or Trim Rings to Non-standard Wheels


    10. Installing Chrome Stainless Billet or Mesh Grills


All of our hubcap and chrome trim products are really very easy to mount, and each type will take less time than it will take you to read the directions. 

Your rims may be scraped,  corroded, rusted or discolored. For a professional-looking job, you may want to use some inexpensive spray paint on those areas of the steel wheel that might be seen through the openings of the hubcap.  If you paint, do it before you install the hubcaps, and give them adequate time to dry.  We have found flat black to generally looks the best behind chrome wheel covers, but gray or silver paint may also be suitable to your taste.

While you are installing your new hubcaps, this is a good time to take a moment and check your tires for wear and proper inflation.  Avoid being stuck on the side of the road with a tire problem with a little preventive maintenance.  The link below is to the Kelly Tire School, which provides good basic information that will help you do it right.  Rubber Manufacturer's Association - Tire Maintenance and Safety