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Removinging Peel-And-Stick Auto Trim or Molding


Our Chrome Trim and Molding Items utilize 3M Automotive Attachment Tape,

which holds very well for many years and can be challenging to remove.

Removing chrome trim is not too difficult, but may take several minutes for each individual piece.

You should get a couple of flat plastic spatula-type tools or flat hardwood slats that you can work under one end of a piece and put firm lifting pressure, Apply the pressure and keep it up, and the 3M tape should slowly yield and begin to separate.

If you push it to hard and fast the part may break.

The tape may come off in sections, if some pieces of the tape remain on the car, you can attack each one individually, It will be similar to removing old bubble gum.


If you cannot get all the glue residue off, you can go to your auto store and get some 3M Automotive Adhesive Remover, or a similar off-brand product that will be less expensive, but still safe to use on paint.


We do not recommend Goof-Off or similar products, if you read their directions, they say "MAY DAMAGE PAINT."