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Model 457 Ford Fusion Hubcaps / Wheel Covers

457c Ford Fusion Chrome Wheelcovers / hubcaps
The chrome is a perfect mirror, you can "see your face" in it.

Model 457c-17" Chrome $81.50 per set of 4

Chrome Fusion Hubcaps

Fits 2010 - 2012 Ford Fusion

457s Ford Fusion Silver Wheelcovers / hubcaps

Model 457s-17" Silver $76.50 per set of 4

Silver Fusion Hubcaps

Fits 2010 - 2012 Ford Fusion

This Hubcap is a direct replacement for the OEM Ford Fusion Hubcap that looks exactly the same.

Installs with Clips that grab the lug nuts exactly the same way the OEM Fusion hubcaps do.

Our installer tells us they pop off the wheel with a big screwdriver and pop on with a rubber hammer,

but some customers find it necessary to unscrew the lugs to remove the originals and install the 457s.

We do not recommend Model 457 for any other wheels besides the Fusion.

If you do have this hubcap, you can substitute any of our other Universal Fit Push-on hubcaps

Price includes set of 4 new Push-on Hubcaps
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.
For shipping outside the 48 states, please email.

Be sure to check and confirm your rim size before ordering.
Do not measure rim size, read it off the tire.
If you are unsure, click FAQ for help.


Back side view of the Lug nut-grabbing mounting clips.

Remove these hubcaps the same as any other hubcaps, install by tapping onto the lugs.

Back side view of 457c Ford Fusion Chrome Wheelcovers installation clips/ hubcaps

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I ordered a set of 15 inch model 118c Chrome Hubcaps for my 1999 Chrysler Cirrus. They look great and they add a whole lot of class to my car. The wheels I had on my car before we old and chipped and 1 was missing so it made my car look terrible. Now, I'm ridin' in style thanks to your company. Thanks so much!!!
Jennifer B, Woodbridge VA

Hi Phil: I did not get a chance to put the (925s-14) hubcaps on until today. They are every bit as good as the factory originals, and I installed all 4 simply in less than a minute. They look great, just like the factory ones. Jeremy N, Seal Beach, CA

Thank you for your quick response in sending the order to me. I was pleasantly surprised when the FedEx guy delivered the package on Friday. The (8813s) hubcaps are first quality in my opinion and I will definitely use your company again if it becomes necessary. Thank you! Rhonda F, Richmond VA

Dear Phil: The (419c-17) chrome hubcaps arrived today. On inspection, the caps are perfect and should look beautiful on my brother-in-law's Chrysler 300C. I again want to complement you on your responsive, quick, and impeccable service. If you ever need an endorsement or recommendation concerning your service posture, please feel free to call on me. Thanks again, and please accept my wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year. Larry J, St. Augustine FL

Hi Phil: Thank you getting back to me regarding this issue.  Due to your excellent customer service (staying in touch and various offers to accommodate the customer's need for resolution), I WILL recommend your website to anyone who may be in the market for wheel covers, etc. In addition, I will also keep you in mind in case I ever need replacements or would like to change the look of my car sometime in the future. Thanks again for your prompt service and hope you have a good day! (944c-15 hubcaps) Best Regards,  David C, Taunton MA

Note: Since Replica Wheel covers are copies, they do not show the manufacturer’s logo. Logos are the legal trademark of the manufacturer, as such it would be Trademark infringement to include them on Replica hubcaps.

Hubcaps Installation: Proper installation is easy and should not require significant effort or force. Replica Hubcaps use a spring steel retention ring pushing plastic or metal clips out against the steel wheel, to hold it in place.

Locate the Hubcap to its proper position, align the hubcap notch with the valve stem. Hold the hubcap parallel to the rim all the way around and apply even pressure with both hands so the hubcap is not tilted away from the rim at any point. Increase the pressure evenly, side to side, top to bottom, and the retention clips will begin to slide into the rim. Try not to let the hubcap get too much away from parallel to the wheel as you ease it into place. You may need to gently punch it in with the heel of your fist. A rubber hammer should not be necessary. Proper installation results in the outer edge of the hubcap fitting firmly against the steel wheel all the way around. If it does not seat all around, do not drive with it. This is a sign of interference by tall lug nuts, hub, or an unusual wheel. The hubcap should not able to be pulled off using only your two bare hands. If you can pull it without tools, check our tips to Tighten Loose Hubcaps.

Many auto dealers, mechanics, and enthusiasts across the USA certify to the quality of AutoAmenity products and services. Our competent advisors are ready to assist you in choosing the best style and quality hubcaps for your vehicle. We carry Replica and Custom hubcap designs to suit any taste, make, or model of car. You can choose hubcaps to make your car look as natural or as flashy as you like.

Our hubcaps are made of durable ABS plastic that will give you years of good looks without the denting or rusting that steel hubcaps of the past were prone to. Each hubcap presses easily onto your standard steel wheel. To determine the right size hubcap for your wheels, read it off the tire.