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Baby Moon Chromed Steel or Stainless Center Caps

Our Baby Moon Center Caps replace original style Baby Moon or Dog Dish center caps, enhance and renew the appearance and value of your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of originals.
CBM Baby Moon Center Caps Angled view of CBM Baby Moon Center CapsBack view of Model CBM Baby Moon Hubcaps

                           Front View                    Angled View           Back Side View of Baby Moons

Please read this entire page, and Measure Your Nubs Before ordering.

Baby Moon Caps are designed to go on Wheels that have Nubs facing Away from the center

Most modern Car wheels Do Not have Nubs and cannot take Baby Moons without modification.

Trucks and Vans that had Dog Dish Hubcaps will Look Great with Baby Moons Instead!!

Center clearance: When sitting flat on a table, the centers are 2.5-2.6" high


Baby Full Moon Wheel covers for  6" or 8" Wheels   Click for Details


Model CBM-8   (8-5/8" ID) Chrome $72.50 per set of 4

Chrome Plated Steel, Fits 8-5/8 to 8-3/4" nubs
Designed for 14 & 15 inch Dodge wheels with 5x4.5 BC and 8.75" nubs

Model CBM-9   (9-1/4" ID) Chrome $73.50 per set of 4

Chrome Plated Steel, Fits 9-1/8 to 9-1/4" nubs

Model CBM-10 (10-1/8" ID) Chrome $74.50 per set of 4

Chrome Plated Steel, 10-1/2" O.D., Fits 10-1/8" nubs, usually car or trailer wheels

**If you are measuring your nubs to be in the 10-1/8 to 10-1/4 inch size, **

Measure Carefully, There is a Difference for proper fit!

Model 1307SS (10-1/4" ID) Stainless $84.50 per set of 4

Sorry, Model 1307SS are Back-Ordered until November 5th.

If you make your order for them, we will ship them when they arrive.

1307ss are Back-Ordered until about September 15th, if you put in an order, we will ship them as soon as they arrive.
Polished Stainless Steel, 10-1/2" O.D., Fits 10-1/4" nubs
Single $37.50, Pair $57.50, Call to order less than a full set
Designed to fit 15 and 16 inch, 6-lug, 5.5" BC, usually Truck or Trailer wheels

Model 1309SS (11-7/8" ID) Stainless $99.50 per set of 4

Polished Stainless Steel, 12" O.D., Fits 11-7/8 to 12" nubs
Single $39.50, Pair $59.50, Call to order less than a full set
Designed to fit 16 and 16.5 inch, 8-lug, 6.5" BC, Truck or Trailer wheels
1309SS fits many of the Chevy or Ford Truck or Van wheels to replace those aluminum dog dish caps.

Price includes set of 4 new Moon Center Caps
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.

Inside Diameter measurement equals "Mounting Nubs" diameter, per diagram below.

Nubs as shown MUST be present on your wheels for these Baby Moons to press onto.

Most modern auto wheels do not have "Nubs" for Baby Moons to mount.

Pictures and Diagram show measuring "Nubs" diameter. 

If you have one pair of nubs measuring larger than the other pair, go with the larger measurement.
On the green wheel, the arrows are pointing to the larger nubs; you can see how the other pair is smaller.

If you have a 3-Nub wheel, measure across the center and add the thickness of another nub.

Picture shows 3 Wheel Nubs Nubs for fitting of Baby Moon HubcapsPicture shows 4 Wheel Nubs Nubs for fitting of Baby Moon HubcapsDiagram shows how to measure Nubs for proper fitting of Baby Moon Hubcaps
Some customers have figured out ways to make nubs on their modern wheels, see pictures below.

Baby moons mounted on trailer wheels that have nubs

CBM Baby Moon Center Caps installed on Tandem-axle Trailer

Baby Moon Hubcaps Replace OEM Dog Dish Hubcaps,  and look so much Better!

Baby Moon Hubcaps Replace Chevy Dog Dish Hubcaps and look so much Better!Baby Moon Hubcaps Replace Ford Dog Dish Hubcaps and look so much Better!

Some customers have invented ways to install baby moons on modern wheels:

Baby Moon Center Caps installed on Chrysler 300
Phil Here are the pictures of my stock Chrysler 300 wheels. We added small nubs to hold the moons. The beauty rings fit 100%. As you know they are always a work in progress! We made nubs from small round-headed bolts from a lamp shop (brass I believe). We drilled, tapped and installed them with thread sealer. An easy and cheap way to put moons on new rims. The bolts were less than $1.00 each. Thanks, David
Pictures Below show nubs David made, and CBM-10 Moons and 17" Trim Rings mounted on David's Chrysler 300 17" wheels.
Baby Moon Center Caps nubs screwed onto Chrysler 300 wheelsBaby Moon Center Caps on Chrysler 300 wheels
Seth R Model A Rat Rod with Baby Moons installed Hey I bought these 12" baby moons for my 1930 Model A Rat rod. I drilled and tapped the wheels for a custom install. They are 20" steel wheels. You told me to send a picture when I was done to put on your website, so here they are! They work and look AWSOME!
Thank you, Seth R, Grand Junction, CO
Ron and his 55 Fairlane Chrome Trim Rings and Baby Moons installed Phil - I Just installed my new beauty rings and moonies on my dad's 55 Fairlane, LOVE 'em! They are just the look that I wanted!!!! Ron M Denver, NC
Joe L Chevy Truck with Trim Rings and Baby Moons installed Hi Phil, Thank you for working with me on my purchase. Here are few pictures of  my 1946 Chevrolet Pickup truck with the dress rims and moons.
Thanks again. Joe L, Epping, NH
Baby Moons Caps installed on Ford wheels Thanks folks! These Baby Moons were just what I was looking for on my truck! Great price, great look. And lightning-fast delivery. I'll pass your name along to my friends. Dan O Kalamazoo, MI
 Baby Moon Center Caps with inside wheels

Our Baby Moon Hubcaps Will NOT FIT wheels with these inward-facing spring type clips, marked in red.