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IMP-342 Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps

See Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins Installation Video Below

IMP-342 Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps and Wheel Covers

Model IMP-342-17" $84.50 per set of 4

17 inch Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps

Fits 2007 - 2012  Ford Edge Wheels that look like the picture below

This model uses Center clips Push-on installation

Prices include set of 4 new Impostor Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.
For shipping outside the 48 states, please email.

Fits Hollander wheel # 3672 17x7", 5-Lug, 5-split-spoke Wheels (Alt PR-7367)

Your Ford Edge alloy wheel

Must look like this picture below

for the IMP-342x-17" to fit.

OEM Ford Edge Styled Alloy Wheel without chrome wheelskins

IMP-342 Does NOT Work with these Similar Ford alloy wheels

Note the Red and Green Circled areas are different
Ford Fusionr Styled Alloy Wheel Does not work for these WheelskinsFord Explorer Styled Alloy Wheel Does not work for these Wheelskins

This picture shows the IMP-342 by itself,

Note the holes that the OEM lug nuts show through, as shown in the largest picture above
Also, Ford center cap logo is covered by the chrome Wheelskin
IMP-7367 Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps by itself

The picture below shows the installation clips, indicated by the red marks,
which grab either side of the spokes.
IMP-342 Ford Edge Chrome Wheelskins Hubcap side view of clips
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howdy phil, received my imp 68x-16's, or as i like to refer to them as, the "fab 4". they were a snap (pun intended) to mount. unless you look closely, they truly look like rims versus skins. not sure why all toyota dealers wouldn't consider detailing their vehicles with this product... thank you for marketing skins that fit and look so good. later, holly in ohio

Hi Phil, Just got my skins (IMP-68x-16) and you all are dead on! It took me longer to get the hub caps out of the box than it did to install them. They are the greatest!! It sure is lots better than spending $600.00 or more on the same thing in a set of rims. Thanks guys. Happy as can be, Jim H, Candler NC

Thought I would drop you a line and tell you that I have installed my new (IMP-66X) wheel skins on my new 2006 Tacoma and DAMN WHAT A DIFFERENCE! soon as I get my graphics package on I will be back for more CHROME! Thanks again Michael D Lecanto FL

I am writing concerning my order. I received the (IMP-61) wheel covers today. The shipping was very fast. Also they fit great and look great on the truck. I am very pleased and satisfied with my purchase. I will be sure to recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you. Linda H, Miami Fl>

Check our pictures to ensure that your wheels match the Wheelskins exactly. Count the lugs, the spokes, and the holes or slots, and make sure they are exactly the same geometry. Wheelskins fit perfectly on the rims they are designed for, but they are NOT interchangeable with other styled wheels even if they look "pretty close." Call or email if you have any question. Full sets of (4) Wheelskins can be ordered through our secure online shopping cart.

Note: Impostor Chrome Wheelskins hubcaps do not show the manufacturer’s logo. Logos are the legal trademark of the manufacturer, as such it would be Trademark infringement to include them on Impostor chrome hubcaps.