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TR15-D Polished Stainless Deep Trim Rings, 2.5 or 3 inch

TR-15D deep Stainless Steel Wheel beauty Trim Rings Trims for wide rally wheels TR-15D25 deep Stainless Steel Wheel beauty Trim Rings Trims for wide rally wheels

TR15-D = Deep Stainless Steel Trim Rings for Rally Wheels

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Model TR1514D25 14" - 2.5" Deep $99.50 per set 4

Fits 14x7 Rally Wheels 
Note: Some customers have found these are 1/8" too deep or wide to seat properly on some  early '70s Mopar Rally wheels
[Diameter of the inner edge is 12-1/8", Actual depth is 2-1/2", bottom toes in]

Model TR1515D25 15" - 2.5" Deep $103.50 per set of 4

Fits 15x7 Rally Wheels
[Diameter of the inner edge is 12-1/4", Actual depth is 2-3/8"]

Model TR1515D3 15" - 3.0" Deep $105.50 per set of 4

Fits 15x8 Rally Wheels
[Diameter of the inner edge is 11-7/8", Actual depth is 2-7/8"]

Price includes set of 4 new Trim Rings
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.

Our 15D Series are highly polished, quality stainless steel trim rings that are deeper than standard trim rings. They are used on wheels that are wider and benefit from the wider look. They come in either a 2.5" or a 3" depth. Trim ring "Depth" is the height measured with the ring resting on a flat surface, as in the picture below. We have provided the diameter of the inner edge to enable you to better determine fit for your wheels. Some rally wheels are not built to the same standards, we have experienced a small rate of returns because certain rally wheels have a shallower taper that did not allow these deep trim rings to seat all the way. Our deep trim rings are designed to mount over any existing wheel weights with No Problem!


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Front Oblique View of D25, Note the slight indent near the outer edge of the ring
Front View of D25 deep Stainless Steel Wheel beauty Trim Rings Trims for wide rally wheels

How to measure Trim Ring Depth (D25 shown):
Face down on a flat surface and measure the height to the inner edge.
How to measure Trim Ring Depth: Face down on a flat surface and measure the height to the inner edge.

Mounting Trim Rings with "360 Degree Retention" mounting clips

Locate the valve stem cut-out and align the trim ring with it.  Tap moderately with the heel of your hand around the perimeter of the ring, keeping it parallel to the wheel, until it seats firmly against the rim all the way around.
On most wheels, you are done. You should not be able to remove the trim ring by pulling with your bare hands.
If the trim rings seem loose at this point, or if you are able to pull them off with your hands, yours are among the very small percentage of  slightly oversize wheels. To compensate for this, take a ring off and bend every other tab outward 1/8 inch with pliers and reinstall. This should take care of it. If it doesn't, then bend the rest of the tabs outward, until you get a firm fit. Do this to all of the loose rings.
Another very small percentage of wheels are at the "tight" end of diameter specifications, you may need to pound quite firmly around the ring to get contact all the way around.

TR15 Series uses "360 Degree Retention" mounting clips
Side Views to compare depth and profile of the different depths of Trim Rings

3 inch Deep Trim Ring Side View2.5 inch Deep Trim Ring Side View1.75 inch Deep Trim Ring Side View

 Trim Ring Profiles

You can dramatically improve the look of your wheels with a set of chrome Trim Rings.
Cover up those scraped, dinged and dented rim edges with Trim Rings. We offer one of the largest selections of chrome and stainless Trim or “Beauty Rings” on the market today.

Our Styles include the standard (1-3/4”), the flat narrow style (.5”) with edge clips for styled steel wheels, and the Deep Trim Rings in polished stainless. If your street machine needs that special touch of style to take it to the edge, install a set of trim rings to give it a true Rally Car look. Whether you are prepping your car for a show, or just taking it out for a Sunday drive, the high polish on these beauty rings will make a great impression on anyone.

Our Trim Rings are manufactured from the highest quality materials with finishes including Stainless Steel, Chrome ABS plastic, and the traditional Chrome Plated Steel like the original Rally cars. Bear in mind that nearly all hubcaps, wheel covers, Wheelskins, and center caps today are made of ABS plastic specially engineered to hold up under the heat generated by your brakes and wheels. Stainless steel is used for the larger and much more expensive wheel coverings for heavy-duty dual wheel applications called ‘wheel simulators’. Chromed steel is no longer used routinely for OEM or aftermarket wheel dressings because of its poor resistance to corrosion in winter driving conditions. We do carry Chromed Steel Trim Rings for those who desire historic accuracy in refurbishing their Rally car.

Original Trim rings back in the day used a mounting system with only 4 retaining clips, but our metal Trim Rings in chrome-plated steel or polished stainless steel feature a newer ‘360 retention’ system with about 40 tabs for a more secure attachment.

C2032 Tribar spinner centercaps on a 1970 Nova C2032 Tribar spinner centercaps on a 1970 Nova

Wow its here. Quick service. The new (C2032) spinner center caps and trim rings came. What a cool product! I put lil Corvette centers in the knock-offs. I like it much better. They say these 3-d Norwood centers can't be copied and not many are left. Rare different like me HA. Your product really woke this lil green 4 door up. I love it and get lots of neat car! My Acadian is a six cylinder, gets 30 to the gallon and is sweet. Hot Rod Mag is looking for a car like mine to do a story on. There are only so many stories on big v-8 Novas. I will give you a mention if it all pans out.  Bob N, Victoria BC Canada