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TR15-P Chrome Plated Plastic Trim Rings

TR-15P Chrome 13 14 15 16 17 18 inch Wheel beauty Trim RingsTR-15P Chrome 13 14 15 16 17 18 inch Wheel beauty Trim Rings
Pictures of the same Trim Rings taken on both white and black backgrounds.
They are smoothly curved, with no ridges, indents or painted rings,
but background reflections give the illusion of rings

15P Triple Chrome Plated ABS Plastic Trim Rings 1.75" deep
(Actual measured depth is 1.75 inch)

Model TR1514P  14" $59.50 per set of 4

Model TR1515P  15" $62.50 per set of 4

Model TR1516P  16" $67.50 per set of 4

Model TR1517P  17" $68.50 per set of 4

Model TR1518P  18" $79.50 per set of 4

Special Note:
The 18" Trim Rings DO Fit the 18" Dodge Charger Police Package 5-spoke steel wheels

The 18" Trim Rings DO NOT FIT the 2012+up 18" Ford Explorer or Taurus Police Package 5-spoke steel wheels

Price includes set of 4 new Trim Rings
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.

TR15-P series uses hubcap-style mounting clips shown below
Fit Standard Steel Wheels: 13x5, 14x6, 15x6, 16x6 or wider.
All of our trim rings are designed to mount over any existing wheel weights with No Problem!

If you have a Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis,
Click the link for more information about their wheels

**Note: None of our Trim Rings fit the

17" Taurus/Explorer Police Cruiser Wheels***

Installing Trim Rings

TR15P-15" installed on a Chevy pickup wheel (L) and on a Peugeot wheel (R)
TR-15S  Stainless beauty Trim Rings Trims in a Chevy truck wheelTR-16S chrome beauty Trim Rings installed on a Peugeot wheel

This pictures below shows the 15P Chrome ABS Trim Rings
hubcap-style chrome plated spring steel mounting clips
TR-15P Trim Rings Mounting Clips
Sometimes after removing these trim rings for wheel service, etc, you may feel a need to bend the clips outward for a better grip. Avoid bending them at the point where they emerge from the clip slot, rather use needle-nose pliers to give them a more gradual bend outward halfway to the end of the clip. This will avoid fatiguing the spring steel which could cause the clip to break.
TR-15P Trim Rings Mounting Clips
Phil: I would like to say thank you for a job well done. I ordered a set of 1517P trim rings on Wednesday Dec 28. The personal phone call to confirm the order was an unexpected surprise and very nice touch. The trim rings arrived THE NEXT DAY! Wow, I couldn't believe it. Another great surprise. They fit perfectly and look terrific. Over the top service and a great product! You guys have scored a devoted customer. Thank you and keep up the great work, Kevin T, The Woodlands, TX

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, well, shocked really, when I received my order (TR1516P Trim Rings) the very next day! Thanks for the great service. V. Meyer, Yuba City CA

Thank you for quick shipment of your 17" chrome rings (TR1517P). Wish I had a camera to show your other customers how much difference these low cost rings made to my truck. Installed very easily thanks again Ben K, Rayville, LA

Polished Stainless Tim Rings installed
on a late model Standard Steel wheel,

with Chrome Nut Covers
Trim Rings installed

Polished Stainless Tim Rings installed
on a Jeep Cherokee Steel wheel,

with Chrome Center Cap and Nut Caps
Trim Rings installed on a Jeep Cherokee wheel, with chrome center cap and lug nut covers
Trim Rings installed on a Dodge 3500 Sir I ordered TR1517P trim rings for my '05 Dodge Ram 3500. Here are pictures of the truck with the rings on.
I am very happy with the look of my truck with the rings. Thank you

Jesus M Alamo TX

Dual Wheel Truck with Trim Rings Phil: RE Dodge 17" Trim Ring Thanks for the tips. I'll send ya some pics, they really make the look of the truck. I appreciate the customer service. Barry R, Cory CO
Trim Rings installed on a Ford Dually Hi Phil, The (TR1517P) trim rings worked out just fine. They have a snug fit and look great with the Ford center hub covers on our new 2007 Ford F-350 dual wheel pick up. I've included pictures as you requested. Thanks for the help.
Buddy R, Equipment Manager, Harris Wholesale Inc Raleigh, NC
1948 British Rover with trim rings installed

Hello Phil, Trims (TR1517P) arrived safe and sound and look fantastic on my 1948 Rover P3 (photo attached!!!) Norman A, Loughgall, Armagh, UK

17 inch Trim Rings installed on a Dodge Ram Truck Thanks guys, (TR1517P trim rings) look great and fit perrrfect on my Ram 1500 Truck Wheels. Phil C, Vulcano, HI
2013 Camaro with Chrome Trim Rings installed Hi Phil, I recently purchased the Model TR1518P 18" beauty rings for my 2013 Chevy Camaro.
They look GREAT thought I would email a picture if you wanted to add it to your site.
Laura D Harrisville MS
Joe L Chevy Truck with Trim Rings and Baby Moons installed Hi Phil, Thank you for working with me on my purchase. Here are few pictures of  my 1946 Chevrolet Pickup truck with the dress rims and moons.
Thanks again. Joe L, Epping, NH

You can dramatically improve the look of your wheels with a set of chrome Trim Rings.
Cover up those scraped, dinged and dented rim edges with Trim Rings. We offer one of the largest selections of chrome and stainless Trim or “Beauty Rings” on the market today.

Our Styles include the standard (1-3/4”), the flat narrow style (.5”) with edge clips for styled steel wheels, and the Deep Trim Rings in polished stainless. If your street machine needs that special touch of style to take it to the edge, install a set of trim rings to give it a true Rally Car look. Whether you are prepping your car for a show, or just taking it out for a Sunday drive, the high polish on these beauty rings will make a great impression on anyone.

Our Trim Rings are manufactured from the highest quality materials with finishes including Stainless Steel, Chrome ABS plastic, and the traditional Chrome Plated Steel like the original Rally cars. Bear in mind that nearly all hubcaps, wheel covers, Wheelskins, and center caps today are made of ABS plastic specially engineered to hold up under the heat generated by your brakes and wheels. Stainless steel is used for the larger and much more expensive wheel coverings for heavy-duty dual wheel applications called ‘wheel simulators’. Chromed steel is no longer used routinely for OEM or aftermarket wheel dressings because of its poor resistance to corrosion in winter driving conditions. We do carry Chromed Steel Trim Rings for those who desire historic accuracy in refurbishing their Rally car.

Original Trim rings back in the day used a mounting system with only 4 retaining clips, but our metal Trim Rings in chrome-plated steel or polished stainless steel feature a newer ‘360 retention’ system with about 40 tabs for a more secure attachment.