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TR15-PF "Flat" (Narrow, Slim-Line) Chrome Trim Rings

TR-15PF Flat narrow slim line Trim Rings

Sorry, all sizes of these Flat Narrow Trim Rings have been Discontinued.


Please look at all the pictures below to get an idea of the 3-D geometry of how these clip on, and the wheel geometry they work with.

TR15-PF "Flat" Chrome ABS Plastic Trim Rings, 9/16" deep, 1.25" wide

Designed to fit many Styled Steel or Alloy Wheels

These will fit most styled alloy wheels with a wheel weight lip/flange as shown in the pictures below, they tend to scratch the finish because the alloy rim edge is thicker.
They will Not Fit alloy wheels with no flange, nor those with less than 9/16" depth 1-1/4 inch in from the edge.

PF "Flat" Trim Rings are NOT designed for Standard Steel Wheels
They will GO ON standard steel wheels but they may not STAY ON very well!



Price includes set of 4 new Flat Trim Rings
with Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.

PF Trim Rings use Wheelskin-style Perimeter clips installation
This picture shows the back of the 17 inch TR1517PF, measuring depth and "S" shape mounting clips.
TR-1517PF 17 inch Flat Trim Rings Depth and Mounting Clips

These pictures below show typical styled alloy and steel wheels the PF Flat Trim Rings will fit.

They have the wheel weight lip around the edge, and recess more than 9/16 inch to allow the trim ring to mount.
TR-15PF Trim Rings Mount tp wheels with wheel weight lip and 1/2" depth one inch from the wheel edgeJeep wheel the TR-15PF Trim Rings will  Mount toFord wheel the TR-15PF Trim Rings will  Mount toToyota wheel the TR-15PF Trim Rings will  Mount to

The styled wheels shown below are examples of wheels these

Flat Trim Rings WILL NOT MOUNT TO.

4 lack the flange lip for clips to attach to.
Honda alloy wheel without lipNissan alloy wheel without lipToyota Prius alloy wheel without lip
Two have spokes that come out, wheel at the right has a lip but it is too wide for the clips.
Alloy wheel with no lip  for clips to attach toAlloy wheel with no lip  for clips to attach toToyota Prius alloy wheel with lip that is too fat for clips to attach to
If you have the Prius wheel at right, you can use Model 448 Hubcaps
Need another set (TR1517PF Trim Rings) for a 2007 Chevy 2 wheel drive Tahoe 17" rims.....My last set I purchased 3 years ago from your Company and they now have worn out after 68000 miles of Law Enforcement work....Johnnie B, Fort Walton beach, FL

just wanted to say thanks for the great service. got my (TR1516PF) beauty rings today and they fit great and look great. thanks again and it was a pleasure doing bus. with you!! terry y, Cazadero CA

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, well, shocked really, when I received my order (TR1516P Trim Rings) the very next day! Thanks for the great service. V. Meyer, Yuba City CA
Mitsubishi Eclipse with Chrome Trim Rings installed on black alloy wheels  Attached narrow chrome trim rings on stock 2003 eclipse alloy wheels that were trashed on the outer lip and surface of spokes sanded and painted gloss black enamel.   Bob C, Wareham, MA
Trim Rings installed on Chevy styled wheels Phil Last week I got my TR1516PF beauty rings from you. Let me say I am very pleased with the way they dressed up the wheels on my 2006 Chevy 3500. I attached a picture that you may feel free to use if you want.
Tom B, Moriarty, NM
Trim Rings installed on Toyota Prius styled alloy wheels Hi Phil- As you can see, my 2007 Prius with 16" mag wheels brightened up with your (TR1516PF) trim rings, now has a lot more Bling.
Jerry G, Mercer Island WA
Trim Rings installed on Oldsmobile Toronado Chrome Wheels
Click here to see pictures of Toronado wheels with TR1515PF Trim Rings


Note: Our Trim Rings do Not fit All Toronado wheels, only the ones shown
Hello Phil! I am finally sending you photos of my 1967 Toronado with your Flat Narrow Chrome Trim Rings installed. As you can see, they fit right on and do not interfere with the valve caps whatsoever. They look way better than any used OEM ones being they are so shiny. The car hasn't been out since I put them on, I took it out to exercise it last week as a last blast before we get snow and took these photos. Feel free to use them on your website for sales purposes, I have also forwarded your company name to Fusick's Automotive Products in South Windsor, a supplier of Oldsmobile parts. It was nice talking with you, best of luck to you and Happy Holidays! --
Doug F, Southington, CT

Cover up those scraped, dinged and dented rim edges with Trim Rings. We offer one of the largest selections of chrome and stainless Trim or “Beauty Rings” on the market today.

Our Styles include the standard (1-3/4”), the flat narrow style (.5”) with edge clips for styled steel wheels, and the Deep Trim Rings in polished stainless. If your street machine needs that special touch of style to take it to the edge, install a set of trim rings to give it a true Rally Car look. Whether you are prepping your car for a show, or just taking it out for a Sunday drive, the high polish on these beauty rings will make a great impression on anyone.

Our Trim Rings are manufactured from the highest quality materials with finishes including Stainless Steel, Chrome ABS plastic, and the traditional Chrome Plated Steel like the original Rally cars. Bear in mind that nearly all hubcaps, wheel covers, Wheelskins, and center caps today are made of ABS plastic specially engineered to hold up under the heat generated by your brakes and wheels. Stainless steel is used for the larger and much more expensive wheel coverings for heavy-duty dual wheel applications called ‘wheel simulators’. Chromed steel is no longer used routinely for OEM or aftermarket wheel dressings because of its poor resistance to corrosion in winter driving conditions. We do carry Chromed Steel Trim Rings for those who desire historic accuracy in refurbishing their Rally car.

Original Trim rings back in the day used a mounting system with only 4 retaining clips, but our metal Trim Rings in chrome-plated steel or polished stainless steel feature a newer ‘360 retention’ system with about 40 tabs for a more secure attachment.