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Vantech Sprinter Van Utility Racks

Sprinter Van H1 Steel
Drip Rail Mount
Sprinter Van H1 Aluminum
Drip Rail Mount
Sprinter Van H3 Aluminum
Drip Rail or Track Mount

Sprinter Van H1 Stainless

Sprinter H2 Aluminum

Vantech produces racks to address hauling needs of every business and trade.
Options for Racks: Galvanized Powder Coated Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel
Vantech designs accommodate tools, ladders and long materials
Accessories ensure materials are carried securely and always available.
Mounting options: Gutter Clamp system; or Direct Roof Mount with screws
Hardware seals prevents leaks
Complete systems come with 2 or 3 Rails and all mounting hardware.
Add a 4th Rail if you need extra load capacity. Accessories available. 

Price include Free Shipping* to the 48 contiguous states.
For shipping outside the 48 states, please email.

H1 Full Size Van Racks Installation Diagrams

Vantech Rack Accessories, Pictured Below

Click for Accessories Prices, Details

VanTech Roller System for Van Utility Racks

Vantech Roller Kits

for H1 Rack Systems
50" to 72" Roller Bar lengths
White Black or Silver Aluminum
Click for Details & Prices for Vantech H1 Rack Accessories, Pictured Below

Pictures below show Ladder Stop and Velcro hold-down Strap in action

VanTech Van Rack Ladder Stop and Velcro StrapVanTech Van Rack Ladder Stop and Velcro Strap

Pictures below show detail of machine welding of parts,

Note also 4 - 1" holes on each upright for Bungee Hooks.

VanTech Van Rack upright with 8 inch  drip rail grip clamp          VanTech Van Rack upright welds

Detail of Gutter Clamp

Detail of Van Rack  8 inch drip rail clamp parts

Detail of Ladder Stop

VanTech Van Rack Ladder Stop with adjustment knob
For 3-Bar Systems, 2 uprights are supplied 5/8 inch taller
than the other 4 to compensate for roof curvature,
only necessary for newer models of Chevy, GM and Ford.
Different height of Van Rack upright drip rail grip clamp to compensate for curved roof

Vantech Rack Accessories

6" Conduit Carrier Kit - Will attach to cross bars up to 2" thick
Rear hatch door with spring latch, can be padlocked.

Made of pressed not cast aluminum for long life without cracking.   6" PVC tube not includedVanTech Van Rack Conduit Carrier Kit

Van Rack Stainless Ratchet Tie-Down Kit with 1 inch strap.

150 # capacity, bolts on to Rack Upright base.
VanTech H1  Ratchet Tie Down Kit  VanTech H2  Ratchet Tie Down Kit VanTech Van Rack Ratchet Tie Down Kit

Push-to-Secure-Ladder Accessory and Extendable Mirror Accessory

VanTech Van Rack Push-to-Secure Ladder accesoryVanTech Van Rack Push-to-Secure Ladder accesoryVanTech Van Rack Adjustable Extendable Mirror accessory

Sprinter Track Options

VanTech Full Size Van H2 Aluminum Van Rack Track Options
A = 70",  B = 51",  C = 40" long.  Track is 1/2" thick, Includes Hardware
(This track is compatible with other systems that fit in 1" internal width track)
Part # Track Description Length Quantity Price
R20 2 pc Track A+B 144" wheelbase Model 2 pair $289.95
R21 3 pc Track A+B+C 170" Wheelbase Model 3 Pair $359.95
R22 1 pc Track A 72" 1 Pair $179.95
R23 1 pc Track B 51" 1 Pair $129.95
R24 1 pc Track C 40" 1 Pair $109.95