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Chevy Impala Hubcaps / Wheel Covers

Replica Chevrolet Impala Wheel Covers replace basic OEM style hubcaps, enhance and renew the appearance and value of your Chevrolet Impala at a fraction of the cost of OEM replacement wheel covers.   Click "Details & Order" for large picture.
Prices include set of 4 Hubcaps with Free Shipping*
Model 472c Chevy Impala 18 inch Chrome Under-Lug Wheel Covers / HubcapsModel 472s Chevrolet Impala Silver Under-Lug Wheel Covers / Hubcaps
18" Screw-on Under-Lug Hubcap / Wheelskin
Click for Model 472 Details
$79.50-$89.50 per set of 4
Chrome or Silver Hubcaps 
Fits 2014 - 2017 Chevy Impala
63021c Chevy Impala Chrome Hubcaps installed63021c Chevy Impala inch Silver Hubcaps installed
15", 16", 17" $64.50-$89.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 431s Details
Chevy Impala Chrome or Silver Push-On Hubcaps

You can buy a whole set of Replica Chevrolet Impala hubcaps for less than the cost of ONE replacement OEM Chevrolet Impala wheel cover. Replicas are constructed of durable high-impact ABS polymer. They give your vehicle a sharp OEM appearance for many years. [Note: Most OEM original hubcaps these days are plastic, too!]

465c Chevy Impala ChromeScrew-on. Under-Lug Hubcaps installed465 Chevy Impala Silver Screw-on. Under-Lug Hubcaps installed
17"  $76.50-$81.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 465 Details
Fits 2011 - 2013 Chevy Impala Only
Chrome or Silver Screw-On Hubcaps

 428s Chevy Impala Chrome Hubcaps428s Chevy Impala Silver Hubcaps
15"  $59.50-$69.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 428 Details
Chevy Impala Chrome or Silver Hubcaps 
202c Chevrolet Impala Chrome Hubcaps / Wheelcovers
15"  $69.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 202c Details/Order
Chevrolet Impala Chrome Hubcaps
53008c 15 inch Chevy Impala Chrome Hubcaps
Click for Model 53008 Details/Order
$62-69.50 per set of 4
Chevy Impala Chrome or Silver Hubcaps
189c Replica Chevrolet Chrome Wheel Covers / Chevrolet Chrome Hubcaps189s Chevrolet Impala Silver Hubcap / Wheel Cover
16"  $66.50-$76.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 189c Details
Chevy Impala Silver Hubcaps
12c Chevrolet Impala Chrome Hubcaps / Wheelcovers
15" $84.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 12c Details
Chevrolet Impala Chrome Hubcaps

409c Chevy Impala chrome hubcap installed409s Chevy Impala Wheel Covers / Hubcaps
14" $57.50-$66.50 per set of 4
Click for Model 409 Details
Chevy Impala Chrome or Silver Hubcaps
If you have these Alloy wheels
IMP-318X Chevrolet Impala styled alloy wheels without chrome wheelskins
Transform Chevy Impala
styled alloy wheels (above)
into expensive-looking
chrome wheels (right)

You can put these Wheelskins on them:
IMP-318X Chevrolet Impala Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps Wheel covers
5 lug 16", $79.50 per set of 4
Click for Model IMP-318x Details
Impostor Chevrolet Impala
Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps
06-07 Chevy Impala
189C-16 Chrome hubcap installed on Chevy Impala Hi Phil, I thought you might like to see before and after pictures of my Impala - quite a difference. Thanks for a great product (189c)at a reasonable price.
David L, Glenshaw PA

If you don't find a style you like on this page, check out our Universal Fit Hubcaps page for additional models.

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Chevrolet Impala Chrome Grill Inserts

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If you don't find a style you like on this page, check out our Universal Fit Hubcaps page for additional models.

Is it time to upgrade your wheels? Nothing helps so much as a set of new hubcaps. Maybe just to get rid of those scraped and dinged old ones. Perhaps some chrome for added sex appeal. We have hubcaps to make your car look as cool or as hot as you like.

We specialize in hubcaps, center caps, trim rings, and stainless dual wheel simulators, and don't forget to check out our chrome trim section. Our competent advisors will assist you in choosing the best style and quality hubcaps for your vehicle. We carry Replica and Custom hubcap designs to suit any taste, make, or model of car.  Full sets of (4) hubcaps can be ordered through our online secure shopping cart.

If you have standard steel wheels, you need hubcaps. If you have styled steel or alloy wheels (that will not accommodate hubcaps), go to our Wheelskins pages. If you need wheel covers for a dual wheel vehicle or a trailer, go to our Wheel Simulators pages.

Many auto dealers, mechanics, and enthusiasts across the USA certify to the quality of AutoAmenity products and services. We are the best source of quality new hubcaps on the internet. Our Replica Hubcaps are close copies of specific OEM hubcap designs. Our hubcaps are made of durable ABS plastic that will give you years of good looks without the denting or rusting that steel hubcaps of the past were prone to. Each hubcap presses easily onto your standard steel wheel.
To determine the right size hubcap for your wheels, read it off the tire.