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Phoenix D.O.T.Liner Stainless Simulator Hubcaps

  • Polished T304L Stainless Steel Simulators
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • No Lugnut removal
  • Installation tool provided
  • Meets Department of Transportation Regulations
  • Does not violate chassis manufacturer's warrantee
  • 60-70% fewer parts than other simulator brands
  • DOTLiner Stainless  Dual Dually Dualy Dualies Wheel Simulators Liners

    Front      Stainless DOTLiner Simulators      Rear
    DOTLiner Front Stainless  Dual Wheel Simulator DOTLiner Rear Stainless  Dual Wheel Simulator
    Diagram represents DotLiner Front (convex), Rear is similar but concave.
    DOT Stainless Steel Dual Dually Dualy Dualies Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps Wheel covers Liners
    Diagram above  and picture below represent the large majority of DOTLiner sets.
    Because Dual Wheels are not standard, there may be some variation in small parts.
    Depending on the specific wheel, there may or may not be spacers or stud extenders.
    DOT Stainless Steel Dually Dual Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps and Wheel covers

    Jam Nuts, Stud Extenders, and spacers for mounting Phoenix DOT-Liner Stainless Wheel Simulators
    Jam Nuts for Stainless Steel Chrome Dual Wheel Truck Front Simulator HubcapsStud Extenders for Stainless Steel Chrome Dual Wheel Truck Front Simulator Hubcaps

    The information we need for Correct Fitting of Dual Wheel Simulators / Liners for your vehicle is: 

    Make, Model & Year of Chassis, number of lug nuts, Cone or Flange lugs, Number of hand holes,

    and the Accuride number found on the steel wheel itself.

     Dual Wheel Terms, Numbers and Measurements
    Call xxx-xxx-xxxx Toll-Free to order or for a quote on what you need.

    Why are these called "Simulators"? These hubcaps simulate chrome plated dual wheels, but are MUCH more affordable.