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Phoenix Universal Fit 22.5"
QuickCover Stainless Ring-Mount Dual Wheel Simulators

Front Stainless Phoenix QuickCover Dually Dualy Dualies Simulator LinerRear Phoenix Stainless QuickCover Simulators
Pictures above show Front and Rear Phoenix QuickCover 22.5" Stainless Simulators
Diagrams below shows mounting rings, stainless mounting screws, Set includes valve extenders for rears

Model P-QC1030 22.5" QuickCover 2 Fronts & 2 Rears $449.50

Model P-QC1025F  22.5"  QuickCover    Pair of Fronts     $219.50

Model P-QC1030R  22.5"  QuickCover    Pair of Rears     $294.50

Polished T304L Stainless Steel Simulators.
Fit virtually all 22.5" wheels, regardless of number of studs or hand holes.
Fronts have Pop-Out-Centers, Rears do not.
Easy installation with no Lugnut removal. Offers easy access to Stemco Oil Seals, via removable center cap on fronts.
Rear valve extensions included for air inflation. Will not fit older 2-piece wheels with welded/reinforced outer rings
Parts    (Price Plus Shipping/Handling)
Front Wheel Liner PQC1025FWL (w/POC) $102.50
Rear Wheel Liner PQC1030RWL (no POC)  159.50
Mounting Ring PQC1025RNG (w/out screws) $44.50
Rubber/Brass Screw Retainer PQC1025BKT (w/o screws)
Stainless Security Screws PQC225SSS (each)   $0.99
Security Screw Driver PQC225TOL  (each)  $5.99
15 inch extension hose with 45 angle bend  #VE1500SS
24 inch straight extension hose              #VE2400SS   
4-hose set for QC1019 and QC1030     #QCAIR1524  

QuickCover  Prices include Free Shipping to the 48 contiguous states.
For shipping outside the 48 states, please email.

Phoenix Polished Stainless 22.5 inch Dual Wheel Simulator Liners for Trucks and  Trailers

Phoenix QuickCover Universal Fit 22.5" Stainless Dual Wheel Simulators

QuickCover Stainless Steel Dual Dually Dualy Dualies Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps and Wheel coversQuickCover Stainless Steel Dually Dual Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps and Wheel covers

QuickCover Stainless Steel Dually Dual Simulators Installation Diagram

If you have questions about Dually Simulators, the information we need to determine the right model to fit your vehicle is:  make, model, year, number of lug nuts, standard or metric lugs, number of hand holes, chassis type, and the Accuride number found on the steel wheel itself.
Call xxx-xxx-xxxx Toll-Free to order or
for a quote on what you need.

Why are these called "Simulators"? These hubcaps simulate chrome plated dual wheels, but are MUCH more affordable.