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Phoenix Quick Trim Chrome ABS Hubcovers

For Medium Duty Aluminum Alloy Dual Wheels

Q822F Front 8-Lug Chrome Center Hubcover on Alcoa wheel

Chrome Plastic 8-Lug Front Hubcover

Q822R Rear 8-Lug Chrome Center Hubcover on Alcoa wheel 

Chrome Plastic 8-Lug Rear Hubcover

Phoenix Quick Trim Chrome ABS Center Hubcovers

for Alcoa Wheels

with Pop-Out Centers

Prices include Free Shipping*

Call xxx-xxx-xxxx Toll-Free to order (Florida time)

If you want to use these on Steel Dual Wheels, Please read the notes below


QH1002F Front (Single) 19.5" 10-Lug on 225mm  05-16 Ford F450-F550, LCF  $52.50
          QH1001F&R Also Fits International / Navistar Wheels with these specs
QH1002R Rear (Single) 19.5" 10-Lug on 225mm 05-16 Ford F450-F550, LCF  $69.50
[[Note: 2017 MAY or may not have larger diameter Lug Nut flanges, so these MAY not go on]]

For Dodge 19.5" Wheels:
Dodge 4-Wheel Kit--includes 2 front and 2 rear QH1002 Hubcovers  $269.50
Includes 40 Dodge-style (larger) snap-on lugs, so these will work on
Dodge Ram 4500-5500 with 19.5" 10-lug on 225mm Alcoa wheels 2012+up    
PH4327 = Dodge-style (larger) Snap-on Lugs, use with QH1002F or R, $2.95 each

Q1102 Front (Single)  19.5"  8-Lug 99-04 Ford F450-F550 $49.50

Q1103  Rear (Single)  19.5"  8-Lug 99-04 Ford F450-F550  $59.50

Q820F Front (Single) 19.5" or 22.5" 8-Lug on 275mm BC  with 20 mm studs/30mm Lugnuts  $59.50
Fits Chevy Kodiak & Topkick; Also fits Ford F650 up to 2003 with 20 mm studs
(Q820 installs with 8 individual plastic jam nuts that screw on to remaining thread of 20mm studs)
Q820R Rear (Single) 19.5" or 22.5" 8-Lug on 275mm BC Chevy Kodiak with 20 mm studs/30mm Lugnuts  $69.50

***Note: The Hubcovers of both the Q820 and Q822 themselves show part numbers
 PQ1101RHC and PQ1100FHC moded onto their back side***
The difference between the 820 and the 822 is the stud diameter, 20 or 22 mm

Q822F Front (Single) 19.5" or 22.5" 8-Lug on 275mm BC with 22mm studs (33, or 38mm) Lugnuts  $59.50
 Fits International Freightliner and Hino; Also 04+up F650
(Q822 installs with 8 individual plastic jam nuts that screw on to remaining thread of 22mm studs)
Q822R Rear (Single) 19.5" or 22.5" 8-Lug on 275mm BC Int'l with 22mm studs & 32, 33, or 38mm Lugnuts  $69.50

QH1200F Front (Single) 19.5" or 22.5"  Heavy Duty 10-Lug on 285mm BC Hub Pilot with 33mm Lugnuts  $69.50

One piece, clips onto lug nuts

QH1200AS Front Axle Set (Pair) 19.5" or 22.5" Heavy Duty 10-Lug on 285mm BC with 33mm Lugnuts  $124.50

For Stud Pilot Front Aluminum Wheels, Click for Stainless Moon Centers

QH1300AS Rear Axle (Only as Pair) Hub Pilot wheels, 10-Lug on 285mm BC with 33mm Lugnuts  $179.50
Mount over ribbed Jamnuts (included)

Q1300AS Rear Stud Pilot Wheels, 10-Lug on 11.25" BC with 1.5" Lugnuts--Discontinued

Pop-Out Centers Price Plus Shipping

PQ1100POC       Pop-out center for Fronts for Q820F and Q822F                $16.50
PQ1101POC       Pop-out center for  Rears for Q820R and Q822R                $16.50
Pop-out center for Fronts & Rears for all except Q820 & Q822    $14.50
PQ200PLC       20mm chrome plastic jam nuts  for Q820F & R             $4.50 each
PQ220PLC       22mm chrome plastic jam nuts  for Q822F & R             $4.50 each

Pictures below show QT1200 Fronts and Rears

QT Chrome ABS Front Push-on HubcoverQT Chrome ABS Rear Push-on Hubcover

Phoenix Center Logos for these products are sold separately, $10 per set of 4 

   Diagram shows Q1300 Hubcover installation:   Presses onto (yellow) ridged jamnuts

QT Chrome ABS Rear Push-on Hubcover

Notes For Use of these Chrome ABS Hubcovers on Steel Dual Wheels:

Phoenix has designed these Hubcovers to fit Alloy Wheels, and does not officially endorse their use for Steel Wheels.
However, since they clip to the Lug Nuts, it is possible to use them for Steel wheels with the following caveat:
The Front Hubcovers will fit the front Steel Wheels fine "out of the box."
BUT the REARS will need to be modified to match the different curvature of the steel dual wheel by grinding between 1/8 and 1/4 inch of ABS plastic material of the outer edge of the hubcover where it contacts the wheel.
This modification has been done successfully by a number of people with good results, by careful grinding or filing the edges.
But once you undertake any such modification, the hubcovers will not be returnable.

Picture below shows Q822F mounted on an Alcoa Wheel

Chrome Plastic 8-Lug Front Hubcover 

Measuring Bolt Circle

How to measure your Bolt Circle

When installing Peel-and-Stick Logos:

Prepare the bonding surface by cleaning it thoroughly with regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a clean lint-free white cotton rag or clean disposable toweling. Do not use shop rags which may have dirt or oily residues. This removes any waxy or oily polishing media residues that may remain on the  stainless that may impede the 3M tape from sticking.

Phoenix USA, Inc. warrants the stainless steel wheel simulators it markets to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 3 years from initial sale to the initial purchaser. Any potential claim should be initiated by contacting the warranty department at Phoenix USA, Inc. to request a Returned Goods Authorization number so that the defective item only can be returned to Phoenix USA, Inc. for inspection and evaluation. If it is determined that the part in question was, in fact, defective, the defective part will be replaced at no charge.