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P-SLU168 Stainless Dual Wheel Bolt-on 'Simulator' Hubcaps

Made of high quality, polished T304L stainless for long corrosion-free life.

Fit 16" or 16.5" Wheels

Rear Chrome Stainless Steel Dual Dually Dualy Dualies Wheel Truck Simulators Liners Hubcaps and Wheel coversChrome Stainless Steel Dual Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps Liners and Wheel coverssFront Polished Stainless Steel Dual Wheel Truck Liner Wheel covers

Please read this entire page before ordering, Call with Questions!

Model P-SLU168 SS Bolt-On Fits 16 or 16.5" $154.50 per set of 4

Model P-SLU168F     SS Bolt-On        $96.50      Pair of Fronts       

Model P-SLU168R       SS Bolt-On    $124.50      Pair of  Rears       

Note: This is an inexpensive design for older truck/Van wheels,

It is made of good stainless, but the rear hubcovers sometimes have a tendency to come off the rings.

The remedy for this is prior to mounting the rears, to punch a hole in the hubcover and the ring,
then install stainless self-tapping screws to keep the two rear hubcovers from loosening.

On some wheels with Flange Lug Nuts, you may need to unscrew all 8 lug nuts to install.

Bolt-on Under-Lug Stainless Steel Dually wheel covers with 4 hand holes
Fits 16 or 16.5 inch wheels, 6 inch wide (not 6.5" width), 8-lug on 6.5" BC 2 wheel drive
Fits 68-98 FORD 2WD [Liners do not fit 99+up wheels are deeper, Hubcovers do fit]
Fits 73-00 GM C/K 2WD [Does not fit 01-Current 6.5" width wheels]
Fits 73-02 GM G-Van 2WD [Does not fit 03-Current 6.5" width wheels]
Fits 70-03 DODGE 2WD [Does fit 00-03 wheels with 7 holes but holes do not line up]

Work on 4wd if Automatic Hubs but Not if Manual Hubs

Set for 4 wheels includes 2 front and 2 rear Liners, with 4 bolt-on rings,
Plus 2 front and 2 rear center caps which pound onto the bolt-on rings.

Will NOT Fit Split Rims.

The P-SLU168 fits either 16 or 16.5 inch rims that are 6" wide
On 16.5" wheels there is a narrow (1/4") ring of wheel rim visible around the outer edge.

Prices include set of 4 new Dual Hubcaps (2F+2R)
with Free Shipping to the 48 contiguous states.
For shipping outside the 48 states, please email.

Rear Wheel Valve Extensions appropriate for P-SLU168 are the AP3 and AP4 Valve Extension Kits
Rear Wheel Liner            Front Wheel Liner             
Rear Chrome Stainless Steel Dual Dually Dualy Dualies Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps liners and Wheel coversFront Chrome Stainless Steel Dually Dual Wheel Truck Simulators Hubcaps liners and Wheel coverss Phoenix Stainless Dual Wheel Simulator Liners for  Trucks and Vans
  Bolt-on Hubcover Ring (4)     Front and Rear Center caps               
 Dual Wheel Simulators Bolt-on Ring Plate to pound hubcovers on toDual Wheel Simulators Bolt-on Center Caps / Hubcovers, front and rear
Installation: remove 4 or 8 lug nuts, position the wheel skin, then the bolt-on ring,
tighten the 4 lug nuts over the small holes of the ring,
and the Center Cap pounds onto the ring.

Special Order Parts, Plus Shipping: Call to Order

Front Wheel Liner   SP28    $55.50
Rear Wheel Liner    SP32      $62.50
Front Hub Cover  PU168FHC    $31.50
Rear Hub Cover  PU168RHC     $38.50
Bolt-on Hubcover Ring (8-1/2" OD)   PU168RNG   $7.50
Rear Hubcover removal tool   PU168TOL   $9.50

Phoenix Small Parts & Price List

Installation Instructions

Installation Diagram for SLU168 Chrome Stainless Steel Dual Wheel Truck Simulators Liners Hubcaps and Wheel covers
Picture below shows rear Hubcover removal tool and Bolt-on ring.
SLU168 Simulators Pound-on Ring and center Cap Removal Tool
Picture shows older Chevy Dual Wheel with Compression Ring
Chevy Dual Wheel with Compression Ring, goes under the  Pound-on Ring
Received everything in perfect condition. They (16 inch Bolt-On Stainless Dually Simulators) really look nice on the motorhome. Thanks a lot for the good service and the awesome price!! Gary D

We stock a number of Stainless Steel Dually Simulator Hubcaps for trucks and RVs in other wheel sizes, lug numbers, and bolt-on configurations.  There are too many details for internet ordering. If this is what you need, call us.  We will need the make, model, year, number of lug nuts, chassis type, and the Hollander number found on the steel wheel itself.  We can give you a quote on what you need.


Why are these called "Simulators"? These hubcaps simulate chrome plated dual wheels, but are MUCH more affordable.